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    Paint Roller Saver

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    Paint Roller Saver

    A new roller holds less paint, so you must return to the paint tray more often.

    A used roller absorbs more paint from the tray, it means the roller will cover more wall, saving time and effort.

    Our tool encourages painters to clean rather than throw away rollers.

    Furthermore, a new roller may leave lint on the freshly painted wall. And you must either remove lint of a new roller or pick lint from the wall. Both are time consuming and frustrating.

    The used roller has already lost its loose fibers so they won’t be left on the wall.

    A roller can hold a large amount of paint, and they are not cheapTossing them after every job is neither cost efficient, nor environmentally friendly.

    The Zitour® Paint Roller Saver makes the job hassle free, easy and quick, taking the chore out of cleanup.

    Main Features

    Clean a Paint Roller in Seconds

    Easy to clean a paint roller with this cleaning tool. Takes ONE swipe to remove most of the paint left behind in the roller sleeve.

    Suitable for Different Sizes of Covers

    With two sizes to choose from the paint roller saver easily cleans roller sleeves with 1/4 inch(6mm), 3/8 inch(10 mm), and 1/2 inch (15mm), nap.

    No Mess & No Waste

    No more tools required. Clean the remaining paint on the roller. The roller comes out like new and your hands don’t get dirty.

    Save Your Old Paint Roller

    After cleaning, your old paint roller can be reused and no need to buy a new one. 

    Repeatedly Use

    Saves paint from a paint roller, otherwise left behind and wasted, ruining the roller sleeve. Easy to clean and store, can be used repeatedly.

    Durable Material

    The ABS material is painted resistant and smooth. Lightweight and durable.


    Why does it work?

    1. Each end boasts an enclosed opening at the bottom of a fluted bowl. These are precise dimensions to fit snug enough around the roller cover as to pull out the most amount of product without damaging the fibers.
    2. Each end is specifically sized (and clearly marked on the handle) in order to clean numerous sizes of rollers, it means the user does not require a new tool for each roller size.
    3. The ABS material is painted-resistant and smooth. The user does not need to dig in or push toward the roller cover while pulling toward the end of the roller, making it easy to use. The plastic has enough given to be gentle, but enough firmness to get the job done with a single swipe.

    How does it work?

    There are two ways to use Zitour® Paint Roller Saver

    1. Thread the roller handle through the desired opening (the sizes are clearly marked on each end). Insert the roller into the opening and slowly pull the roller saver down, pushing the paint back into the pail. Carefully pull the tool from the cover, rinse both the tool and roller under warm water till water runs clear. Pull the roller saver over the roller once in each direction, fluff, and stand to dry.         
    1. Insert the end of the cover into the roller saver and slowly pull the tool toward the roller handle. Once the tool hits the handle, pull the tool back over the saver, allowing the tool to pull the roller sleeve from the cage, rinse under water and run through the tool once in each direction to pull out water. Fluff the roller and stand to dry.


    Material: ABS

    Color: Blue

    Weight: 65g

    Dimensions: 30x10x3cm

    Package Includes: 1x Zitour® Paint Roller Saver


    Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

    Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.



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